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Interpreting Services

Interpreting is related to the Spoken Word. It is the act of accurately delivering a message from the source language to the target language in real time. Interpreting conveys the exact meaning in a specific context, adhering to the tone, register, and style of the source speech. 

Language Pairs:        English< >Spanish

Modes of Interpretation:
- Simultaneous (aka conference)
- Consecutive (as in questions and answers sessions)
- Sight Translation (reading original or source documents into the target language)

- Legal (hearings, trials, depositions, interviews)
- Medical
- Community & Social Services
- Immigration
- Life Sciences (conferences)
- Insurance (Workers’ Compensation, Independent Medical
    Evaluations, etc.)
- Financial (Bankruptcy Examinations, Taxes, etc.)
- General

- On site
- Telephonic

For any other fields or services not mentioned above, do not hesitate to contact Yolanda through this website.

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